Over Sprowd

Film for Sprowd. Concept by Mr Prezident. Animation and partial artwork by bvg-inside.

Sprowd will become the first true global crowdfunding platform. When you invest in a to-be company you’ll actually get real cash when that company generates turnover. Fair, solid and square. Sprowd is powered by a unique all-or-nothing crowdfunding ecosystem where projects must be fully-funded before a pre-set date or believers will get their money back.


Animation stills

Tech Notes

The image below is a screen grab of one of the scenes that describes in short what Sprowd is about.
Most of it is made out of pre existing illustrator files or other vector based items, but the wires were a bit of a problem. To create the realistic physical representation of the wire you will need to have 2 “fixed” Points that represent the ends of the wire and some sort of gravitational force.


The first attempt was using illustrator files or shapes in AE and using a three point puppet setup (puppet tool). Using two of those points for the ends of the wire (A & B) and one to simulate gravity. This resulted in the right effect but ended up distorting the wire when point A came to close to point B.



Using a render of the animated earth to pinpoint all the connections of the wires provided a good base to work with, using Flash (now Animate CC) to animate the wires using stopmotion for the reveal animation, and using shape tweens for the actual animation of the wire.