For Subbseven Worldwide Concepts I made the following movie as a show-reel to show aspects of what Subbseven is all about;

Subbseven is the world’s first Brand Museum and communal brand shopping-mall: an interactive exhibit of (branded) creative design on the edge of a variety of lifestyles. Take a stroll through the life of your favorite brands, play games, see the amazing video content, check out the latest campaigns, just experience.

Today’s society needs inspiration to push the power of enthusiasm. Subbseven believes the world would be a better place if we could bring out the inner greatness of people, brands and companies. Subbseven will create the perfect stage to realize this mission! Subbseven is full of brands you know, you love and you haven’t seen anywhere else. Add comments, disagree and suggest cool things that have inspired you.

Work in progress:

Pieces of the Storyboard:


Made at Ogilvy. Animation by Bvg-inside Typography by Burninglight