Virtual Nest

Over Virtual Nest

NEST is an (art) exposition space based in The Hague. Exhibitions in Nest focus on specific themes that are highlighted through the work of local, national and international artists. Projects at Nest not only look at the artist and their work, but also look at the role of artist and work in relation to the public and social context. –

For several reasons we needed a digital representation of this space so the image above was the result of my first real project done in Maya.

Nest Overview

Tech Notes

This project was again supposed to be as quickly to render as possible. Therefore all textures, lights and render passes (like the ambient occlusion pass) were baked into one single texture map. As for the room it self, it was modeled fairly low poly to contribute to the need for quick render times and some objects were modeled a bit more high poly to be able to increase the production value when needed.

For example, I’ve modeled this central heating in two different versions to be able to deliver a quick render or go for some more production value. The low poly version is a striped down version of the higher poly one with a special map to fake the indentation of the sides. (not seen in the ambient occlusion pass below)

Central heating

Nest wireframe

All this was done at the animation studio; “¬© Unlikely” in The Hague.